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Getting in the summer routine

It’s been hot lately, which presents certain challenges on our farm especially since all of our animals are on pasture and require some extra attention in extreme heat.

For our layer chickens we use a sprinkler system to mist water inside their house on hot afternoons.  This allows them to move in and out of the mist throughout the afternoon to cool themselves.  Take a look at the picture below.

For our broiler chicks in the brooder house we installed some small fans to make them a little more comfortable.  As they get bigger and are in the field we use a mobile sprayer and a tractor to spray water directly on them every hour when conditions require.  This cool mist makes them much more comfortable and they get to where they stand still as the sprayer passes to absorb the drenching.

misters keeping chickens cool
We use sprayer nozzles to mist cool water on our layer flocks during hot weather.

For our cattle, we make sure they have access to plenty of shaded loafing areas where they can cool off, and all of our pig paddocks have shaded areas that are accessible as well.

All of our animals and everyone who works on our farm look forward to the afternoon showers we’ve been getting lately.  They are a much needed relief from the heat and go a long way in making our grasses flourish.

A nice summer shower moves across the pastures.

When we choose to raise livestock, we feel like we commit to raising them as humanely as possible in order to keep stress levels as low as possible. This enables you as our customer to feel confident that the meat from our farm is not only part of a sustainable system but even more than that — it’s regenerative.  The methods we use should not only support themselves and us but should also build excellent soil, plants, animals and ultimately people!

So, in order to give you more reasons to invest in farming practices such as ours we are offering another brand new chicken bundle intended to save you a lot of money and stock your freezer with chicken that heals the land rather than mines it.  We’re calling it our Super Flock Stock Bundle and it’s 18 chickens worth of product for about $75 off of the retail price! Check it out today.