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Receiving non-GMO Soybeans

Pigs and chickens do not have a rumen like a cow, so at least some of their feed needs to have energy and proteins that are a bit more readily available than what is in grass.  This is why we (and most farms whether pasture-based or not) supplement simple stomached animals with grains. We source from a local farm that is non-GMO certified, haul the grain to our farm, grind and mix it and then feed it out to our livestock (except cattle, of course).

Here’s a look at how we get our non-GMO soybeans.  This is our protein source for our non-GMO hog and chicken feeds.  We source them from Barrier Farms in Mt. Pleasant, NC –  a local, non-GMO certified farm.  They are roasted, and we put the whole bean in our feed instead of just the meal.  We feel this offers the best nutrition for our hogs and chickens.  Combined with non-GMO corn, and a vitamin and mineral premix we provide a well-balanced feed supplement for our animals.  Try some of our products and taste the difference: Shop for Pork, Chicken, and Eggs.