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Scaling up to serve you!

We’ve had extraordinary interest in our products in the last 2 months and we want to say thank you to our regular customers and all of our new customers!

We are now scaling up to be able to serve what we hope will be a surge in consumer interest in the coming years.  Here’s some areas we are working hard at expanding:

  1. Pastured chickens – we have started a flock of 1000 chickens that we will process here on our farm under a federal exemption that allows us to do so, which will allow us to offer our chicken products at a competitive price.  We plan to do many flocks like this every year in order to serve the renewed interest in pastured chicken straight from the farm.
  2. Grass-fed beef – We are currently getting about twice the number of calves in place that will fatten by this time next year.  We are also continuing to upgrade our cattle infrastructure including more water line and shade structures that allow us to mob graze more efficiently.  Mob grazing greatly improves the quality of the soil, grass and ultimately the beef.
  3. Marketing infrastructure – from chicken processing equipment to freezers to better delivery vans, we are investing heavily in these areas in order to better serve you with the volume of product that is needed.  
  4. Other investments – More details about these investments will be coming soon!  It’s an exciting time at Watson Farms.  Follow us and come along for the journey.

What can you do to invest with us?  Stick with us!  If you have found us during the pandemic and enjoy our products please continue voting with your food dollar for local, pasture-based agriculture by purchasing our products.  When you do this, you are supporting agriculture and small local processors that are resilient to many of the perils that we face today.  

With that said, here are some videos to show you some things that we have been busy with this week!