Pork Cutlets

pasture raised pork cutlets

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Here are a few simple tricks for cooking Cutlets on the stovetop that will give you juicy, tender results.

  1. Don’t cook cutlets straight from the refrigerator.  Let them stand at room temperature for 30 minutes prior to cooking. This helps bring them to room temperature and allows them to cook more evenly.
  2. Season with salt an hour before cooking. The salt helps improve the flavor and texture.
  3. Rub cutlets with flour and your favorite seasoning (or try one of our White Wolf Rubs).  Rubbing a small amount of flour over the cutlet adds a flavorful “crust”.
  4. Sear one side in hot skillet until browned, flip, turn down heat and cover with lid.
  5. The second side will slowly turn golden brown and because it is covered with a lid, the center will cook nicely, resulting in a tender, juicy meal.
  6.  When internal temperature reaches 145 degrees, remove from pan & let rest 5 minutes. This gives the juices a chance to distribute around the meat. Enjoy!!!

P.S  This method works fantastic for cooking boneless, skinless chicken breast on the stovetop as well!



Our pigs are rotated through small paddocks where they can graze and eat roughage in addition to their non-GMO grain ration.  They have access to fresh water and shelter as well.

This method is very different from methods that the industry uses.  It regenerates the land and is great for the pigs. After several moves to a new paddock the pigs learn that new grass, bugs and roots are waiting in the next section, and they can’t wait for the gate to open.

Our pigs are never on concrete and don’t receive antibiotics.  An industrial pig never sees dirt, grass, or sunshine and often receives antibiotics and other medications to combat the poor living conditions that they are raised in.

Below are some videos showing various aspects of our pastured pork enterprise.

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Thanks for sticking with us! – Pasture Posts #42

All companies have to change the way they do business from time to time if they intend to serve their customers in the future and not just today.  Technology, methods of production, customer demands and many other things change that require a business to adapt if they intend to stay in business.  

One area that we have had to greatly improve upon in the 14 years that we’ve been direct-marketing meats is customer convenience.  Recently I looked back at some customer emails from around 2008, and several things were evidence of how difficult it was for customers to actually purchase from our farm back then.  

For example, up until 2014, to place an order with us you had to email us what you would like.  Then we would try to assemble it and almost every time we would have to inform you that at least one thing you wanted was not actually in stock.  This created a convoluted back-and-forth that could get very frustrating, so only the most dedicated customers would actually stick with us for more than a couple orders.  

Another example is delivery.  While Home Delivery doesn’t work for everyone, we think it is a great step in convenience for most customers compared to meeting in a parking lot or travelling a long way to pick up here at the farm.  Today, we offer Home Delivery with our van to around 150 zip codes in the Carolinas, and with our UPS Eligible products we can serve over 15 states in the Eastern U.S!

Another thing that we’ve greatly expanded on is our product offering.  When we first started in 2007 we just offered beef, thus the web address, watsonfarmsbeef.com.  (We recently were able to acquire the web address watsonfarms.com, which now points to our existing website.) But since those early years we have added a myriad of products.  The first of which was pasture raised pork, then chicken and eggs.  More recently we have added staples like milk from a local dairy and also goat cheeses, honey, pecans, grits and cornmeal.  We hope to continue adding items like these to further become your one stop shop for local, wholesome foods. 

So like last week, we want to again extend the invitation to you to suggest new products or new ways that we can be more convenient for you.  Just use the button below to head over to a short form to submit your suggestions.  

So to wrap up we want to say thank you to all of our customers, especially those who have stuck with us through the times when we were working toward better ways to serve you.  We continue to do so, and we hope you will stick with us in the future as well.  When farmers and consumers are committed, we truly believe that we can greatly change our food system to one that enhances the lives of our communities, soil, and animals.

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Our customers are priority #1! – Pasture Posts #41

We’re not your typical farm.  So some of the decisions and activities that we have to execute are not like that of the average farm. For example, we operate our own home delivery service so we have to think about a whole host of metrics that a typical farm doesn’t.  

Also atypical of an average farm is the fact that customer satisfaction is at the center of all these various decisions.  This is foreign to most farms as they are largely focused on how to produce more with less costs.  And while we also steward our resources meticulously, what drives us at the end of the day is serving our customers with products with which you can feed your family with confidence.  

So with much larger-than-predicted growth over the last two years, we have had to do everything from revamping workflows to putting in place new cold storage to adding new people to our team.  And we don’t see any immediate signs of any of this growth stopping! 

In fact, we want to take this opportunity to make an exciting announcement that we have added a wonderful person with a warm, helpful personality to our team.  Her name is Sara Hope, and she will be coming onboard to help out with customer support as well as providing improvements to the website.  One example of her efforts can already be seen in the various recipe links that are now available on many of our Bundles and UPS Bundles product pages!  

She is still in training, but is catching on fast so when you reach out by phone or email she just might be the one to serve you!

So in the spirit of continuously improving the Watson Farms customer experience, we would like to extend the opportunity for you to give us some feedback.  So if you have some suggestions for us just hit the button below to head over to fill out a quick form.  We look forward to seeing some ideas you have for us!

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Improving supply chains to serve you! – Pasture Posts #39

By many accounts the supply chain issues that we are seeing now will likely last long into the future.  The reasons are numerous, and can’t be solved very quickly.  Let’s look at some actions that we, as a farm, are taking to make sure that we have the products your family needs. 

Our farm is definitely not immune to these issues as we have dealt with late-arriving supplies and equipment on numerous occasions during the last year and a half and as recently as this month.  But there are some things that are intrinsic in our business models that insulate us to some degree from the woes that other industries are feeling right now.  

✅ Home-grown forage

The ability to produce forage in great quantities from our land greatly benefits our grass-fed beef enterprise.  As we briefly mentioned in Pasture Posts #36, cows are equipped with a multi-stage stomach that is excellent at breaking down grass into the protein and energy necessary to build muscle and fat.  This unique capability that ruminants have allows us to graze our cattle instead of feeding them grain.  Grass happens to be one thing that our land is able to grow really well, and by using regenerative practices that we discussed in Pasture Posts #29, our land should continue to grow more and more grass each year!

This home-grown forage means that our cattle require a relatively simple and short supply chain when it comes to what they eat.  It’s all grown here on the farm season after season while regenerating the soil!

✅ Local grains and our own trucks

For hogs and chickens we partner with local farmers to source the non-GMO grains we grind for the supplemental feed rations.  We have even added an additional grain/feed truck to our fleet so that we don’t have to rely as heavily on third-party trucks to maintain our grain supplies.  

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Best of Farm Bundle (~28 lbs)

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Best of Farm Bundle (~15 lbs)

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Here are our Best of Farm Bundles (UPS) (~15lbs.) and (~28lbs.)

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