Crock Pot Bundle

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For your convenience, we have made a new addition to our bundle pages! There are now links to recipe suggestions for each cut of meat within your bundle. These are recipes that we thought looked amazing, or recipes that we have personally used and wanted to share! We hope that this will help make each meal time easier for you! If there are any tried and true recipes that you would like to share, please feel free to send those to us via email containing a link to a document or website to your suggestion. You just might see your name alongside your suggestion on our website!

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With this bundle you will get the following items:

Grilling Bundle

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If you’re looking to have items shipped via UPS, here is our Build a Bundle (UPS) that may be of interest to you!



Pasture Picks Box

The pasture-raised goodness keeps on coming!

Our Subscription Meat Box (now called the Pasture Picks Box) has been a huge success over the years since we launched it in 2017. Customers love the variety they receive and the opportunities the various cuts give to be creative in their kitchens. The element of surprise adds to the unboxing experience as well. Most of all, our customers love the fact that they have the opportunity to secure wholesome, pasture raised meats for their family all while supporting a local family farm.

Farm Pickup or Local Home Delivery

Pasture Picks Box

This version is available for Farm Pickup and to anyone located in any of our Home Delivery zones. You may also add on eggs!

UPS Eligible

Pasture Picks Box

This version can be shipped to over 15 states in the Eastern, U.S. We have a 15 and 30 pound version. Tap below to order now.

Rest assured that our beef cattle never receive grain.

None of our animals receive any genetically modified organisms.

Unlike in the industry setting, all of our animals are rotated on pasture and are never confined.

Antibiotics are simply not needed as a general rule in a pasture setting.

When we honor the animals, they honor us in return by providing nutrient dense proteins that we can enjoy with peace of mind.

Features include:

  • Around 15, 20 or 30 pounds of beef, pork, and/or chicken every month or every other month depending on selection.
  • Price: See individual products for prices.
  • The box will contain an assortment of cuts based on what we have in stock at the time (much like a CSA).  Customers should look to receive roasts, ground cuts, ribs, steaks, whole chickens, various chicken cuts, etc. throughout the year based on availability.
  • Subscribers should be flexible since these boxes are packed according to our current inventory.
  • **NEW** – Our new Pasture Picks Box customers will receive a coupon upon their first Subscription Box purchase that is valued at $29 to put toward a free Basic Herd Membership or a steeply discounted Premium Herd Membership!

UPS Shipping

  • Pasture Pick Boxes that have billed will be shipped on the following Tuesday.  If your payment bills on Monday after 12 noon your order may ship the following week.
  • Transit time is 1-2 days.

Home Delivery by Watson Farms

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Shoulder Roast (Boneless)

This product cannot be shipped via UPS. If you are outside of our Home Delivery areas, our UPS delivery option may work for you! Click Here for our UPS delivery Map!

UPS customers – here is our Heavy Hitter Pork Bundle (UPS) that may interest you!

Home Delivery and Farm Pickup customers, here are our bundles that contain Pork Shoulder Roast.


  • Pork Shoulder Roast is sometimes referred to as Picnic Roast.
  • It is an ideal choice for smoking or BBQ. It can be oven roasted or cooked in a crock pot as well, with splendid results.
  • This cut is relatively inexpensive and is a great option for those summer cookouts to create the ideal pulled pork.
  • For instructions in how to cure & cook your shoulder roast to make a great ham, check out this link here.


Mild Sausage


This product cannot be shipped via UPS. If you are outside of our Home Delivery areas, our UPS delivery option may work for you! Click Here for our wonderful UPS Eligible Mild Sausage and Here for our UPS delivery Map!


We raise our pigs outdoors in their natural environment from birth to finish.  They are rotated to new pasture often and provided shade or shelter when needed and always have access to fresh water and a non-GMO feed ration.  Try our sausage today.


Boston Butt

This product cannot be shipped via UPS. If you are outside of our Home Delivery areas, our UPS delivery option may work for you! Click Here for our UPS delivery Map!

Here are a couple of links to UPS Eligible Bundles that come with Boston Butt!


Boston Butt is often called Pork Butt and actually comes from above the shoulder (more on that below). The Boston Butt has more marbling than the shoulder, is bone-in and skinless. This cut is tougher than others and requires longer cooking time to break down the meat and fat.  Boston Butt is a great choice for pulled pork because it is not very expensive and when cooked slowly it gets so tender that it pulls apart easily.  Once pulled, add your favorite BBQ sauce and enjoy some decadent tasting pork!

So, if this cut doesn’t come from the back of the pig, as the name would infer, how did it get such an odd name?  Back in New England colonial days it was common practice to pack Pork Shoulders into brine filled barrels called “butts”, hence the “Boston Butt”.