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Today’s Paddock (3-9-23)

This is a fun blog series where we show you exactly the paddock that our animals are enjoying on a particular day. All of our animals are raised in their natural environment and the common denominator among them all is PASTURE! So take a look through these blog posts to see where the animals find themselves on a given day.

Our cattle herd is on the move! The grass is growing quickly and that means they are sweeping across this field quickly. We set up a new paddock every 1-2 days and they love moving time!

Everything is portable! The temporary fence, the water trough, and the mineral feeder. Moving, Mobbing and Mowing!

  • Size: 6.31 acres
  • Number of head: 114
  • Class of livestock: feeder and finisher cattle
  • Type of grasses: rye, ryegrass, vetch
  • Grazing duration: 36 hours