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Today’s paddock (4-3-15)

Here’s some information on the current paddock that our feeder herd of 38 are in today.

  • Size: 1.65 acres
  • Number of head: 38
  • Class of cattle: feeder calves, finishing cattle, and cull cows
  • Type of grasses: ryegrass, red clover, vetch, fescue
  • Grazing duration: 24 hours

Fence and Water Upgrades.clipular


For those that are unfamiliar with some of the terms:

A paddock is just a subdivision of a larger field.  A paddock is formed by temporary electric wires.  We allot a herd a certain size paddock to last them a certain number of days – many times a paddock contains just one day’s worth of grass.  This forces the cattle to eat the grass down to a certain level, and then we let the grass begin to rest and re-grow as soon as the next day.

Feeder cattle are cattle that are being grown for slaughter as apposed to breeding cattle which are kept for reproduction.  Finishers are those that are closest to slaughter.  Cull cows are mama cows which have been removed from the cow herd and are scheduled for slaughter because of poor performance.


2 thoughts on “Today’s paddock (4-3-15)

  1. Can you post any clarification on the subject of mRNA injections for cattle and pigs that is in the news lately?

    1. Hi Brian, thanks for the question. We put out a post on this topic recently that you can find here:

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