Our farm consists of about 350 acres of rolling pasture in Chester and York counties, S.C.  The farm is ideal for livestock with two ponds and a creek running through it.

There are three generations of Watsons that live on the farm and depend on the it for their livelihood.  Because our lives depend on the farm one of our foremost concerns is sustainability – that is, ensuring that what our farm produces in the future will be no less than what it produces now.

We do this in by mimicking nature in our pasture-based livestock systems. For example, we keep our cattle in one or two large herds and move them to a fresh paddock each day or so. This moving, mobbing, and mowing is characteristic of herbivores in nature such as the bison of the American West. They stayed in large herds for protection from predators. They continuously moved to new prairie. And they were trampling and foraging as they moved which was a foundation for building the extremely rich soils and grasslands.

Our pasture-based livestock enterprises are just one step in the journey of sustainable agriculture.  We hope that consumers will join us on this journey and experience for themselves the benefits of Watson Farms Pastured Meats.

Check out the video below for an overview (although some info is outdated).