Pork Cutlets



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You will receive approximately 1-1.25 lb. per pack.

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Here are a few simple tricks for cooking Cutlets on the stovetop that will give you juicy, tender results.

  1. Don’t cook cutlets straight from the refrigerator.  Let them stand at room temperature for 30 minutes prior to cooking. This helps bring them to room temperature and allows them to cook more evenly.
  2. Season with salt an hour before cooking. The salt helps improve the flavor and texture.
  3. Rub cutlets with flour and your favorite seasoning (or try one of our White Wolf Rubs).  Rubbing a small amount of flour over the cutlet adds a flavorful “crust”.
  4. Sear one side in hot skillet until browned, flip, turn down heat and cover with lid.
  5. The second side will slowly turn golden brown and because it is covered with a lid, the center will cook nicely, resulting in a tender, juicy meal.
  6.  When internal temperature reaches 145 degrees, remove from pan & let rest 5 minutes. This gives the juices a chance to distribute around the meat. Enjoy!!!

P.S  This method works fantastic for cooking boneless, skinless chicken breast on the stovetop as well!