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Photo Update – Pasture Posts #71

Watson Farms wishes you a Happy 4th of July! Our Farm Store will be closed on Monday, July 4.

We had a great month in June and we hope you did as well. Furthermore, it was actually the best month in sales that we’ve ever had. We’ve had a ton of new customers so we want to welcome you all. Our existing customers have really come through as well. We’re seeing sales increase each month on average.

We say all this in order to thank you all and to say that this is what we need to be able to continue in all the efforts that we are undertaking. There aren’t a lot of farms that take on feed grinding, chicken processing, and home delivery on top of tending to 4 different types of livestock. Nevertheless, that’s what we’re trying to do and it doesn’t come without a long list of challenges, but it also comes with great reward in knowing that we’re helping support your family with products you can have confidence in consuming.

So here’s a look back at some recent photos from the farm!

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A Great Ag+Art Tour – Pasture Posts #70

We were once again astounded at the number of visitors for the annual Ag+Art Tour that we participated in yesterday. It truly was a great success, but more than that it was a time of encouragement for us and our team.

With people streaming through non stop from 10am to about 4pm it was truly great to see new faces and familiar faces alike that were all interested in connecting with a local farm. We received so many kind words from things like “We’re so glad you guys are in business!” to “Be sure to not sell your farm, because we need local family farms to make sure that we have good food!”

So thank you all so much for supporting our farm!

Here’s a couple of questions that came up on some of the tours:

What is your favorite job on the farm?

  • I answered with how rewarding it is to see the progress that each steer or heifer makes from month to month. This is evident when we sort cattle each month to decide which ones to send to the processor. Some might think that sorting these finished animals out can be a little sad, but the truth is that when we work as hard as we do to provide them with a good life in their natural environment it actually has a way of being rewarding knowing that we did our job in giving them a good life and only letting them have one bad day.

Do you think you’ll run out of product?

  • We have been working hard this year to procure product from like-minded producers with the thought that our farm will continue to be found by more and more customers each month. We have established some good relationships that we feel will allow us to grow with our customer base. There are definitely some challenges ahead such as chicken processing, labor, enough delivery vans, and finances, but we feel like we have made good progress in several of these areas and are looking forward to scaling even more to continue to serve you to the standards you expect.

    Speaking of finances, we have a good relationship with our bank and they have done a great job for us over the decades, but it has occurred to us that partnering with a like-minded investor could be beneficial in scaling the meat business as our customer base grows. If you or someone you know might be interested in investing in a regenerative farm, feel free to reach out. We don’t have a good idea of how this might look in the end, but it never hurts to have a conversation.
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Join The Herd! – Pasture Posts #69

First of all, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! We appreciate all you do for your family. And thanks to all those who gave the gift of Watson Farms today. We’re honored to be a part of saying thanks to Dad.

If Father’s Day happened to slip up on you this year and you need something last minute let us bring your attention to our Herd Membership opportunities.

One of the best reasons to “run with the Herd” is for the special discounts that we are able to offer this distinguished group. Many times we’re able to offer some small discounts on things like ground beef and whole chickens, but at certain times when we are heavy on a particular product we can offer things like 50% off Brisket and Leg Quarters! You read that right – 50% off our Leg Quarters (including the bundle) and Beef Brisket!

Another huge reason to sign up for a Premium Herd Membership is the Free Shipping that you receive on all of your orders while your subscription is active.

Finally, if that doesn’t win you over then maybe the free Watson Farms T-shirt will. When you sign up for a Premium Membership we give you a free T-shirt with our logo on the front. After signing up for a Premium Membership, just contact us to request a size and color and we’ll get that in the works. We have several colors to choose from so we’ll try to get you something close to what you prefer. (The software integration is currently not functional for this to be self-service.)

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