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Kelly Watson

Sales and Marketing Manager

Kelly works hard at making sure customers are happy and keeps pretty much everything running behind the scenes.


Matt Watson

Production, Marketing, Deliveries

Matt fills in wherever he is needed from customer service to website maintenance to livestock managment.


Daniel Taylor

Order Fulfillment, Inventory Management

Daniel keeps everything having to do with order fulfillment running smoothly whether it’s assembling orders or keeping freezers organized.


Gary Watson

Dad, Pop-pop, Planning and Production

Gary holds the title for the team member with the longest full-time farming resume. He devotes his time to things like big picture planning, finding parts for repairs, deploying birdhouses for fly control, and much more.


June Watson

Mom, Mimi, and Egg Specialist

June helps out with everything from childcare to chicken processing to the daily miracle of getting all the eggs processed and packed.


Kathy Harveston

Mom, Nana, and Event Assistant

Kathy, Kelly’s mom, helps out tremendously on tour days and many other times throughout the year.


Alan Harveston

Dad, Papaw, and Tour Driver

Alan, Kelly’s dad, is our dependable tour driver! If you’ve been on a Watson Farms tour, you’ve likely been driven around by Alan.


Jordan Bishop

Delivery Driver

Jordan performs our home deliveries each week. You might see him in Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, or our local area depending on the day of the week. He covers a lot of territory!