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You will receive 1 per pack. Each pack weighs approximately 2-5 lbs.

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Boston Butt is often called Pork Butt and actually comes from above the shoulder (more on that below). The Boston Butt has more marbling than the shoulder, is bone-in and skinless. This cut is tougher than others and requires longer cooking time to break down the meat and fat.  Boston Butt is a great choice for pulled pork because it is not very expensive and when cooked slowly it gets so tender that it pulls apart easily.  Once pulled, add your favorite BBQ sauce and enjoy some decadent tasting pork!

So, if this cut doesn’t come from the back of the pig, as the name would infer, how did it get such an odd name?  Back in New England colonial days it was common practice to pack Pork Shoulders into brine filled barrels called “butts”, hence the “Boston Butt”.