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Another inflation-busting tip! – Pasture Posts #73

Here’s the weekly roundup from Watson Farms and your direct connection to your farmer. Enjoy the latest edition of Pasture Posts!

COLUMBIA-AREA CUSTOMERS: Be sure to read the special announcement about your delivery day below!

You might have heard lately that inflation is still going strong, and you surely have noticed it when making purchases as everything seems to have gone up in price.

We offered some tips for beating inflation in Pasture Posts #61 and #63. This week I ran across an interesting article by our friend, Joel Salatin, and I thought it would be good to discuss it and pass it along to you as another tip for beating inflation.

Joel’s blog post centers around a Wall Street Journal article about consumers saving money by cutting up whole chickens instead of paying more for the parts off the grocery store shelf. We couldn’t agree more that this is an excellent way to save money, and we have encouraged our customers to buy whole birds for years.

Another complicating factor when it comes to chicken cuts is the extra labor involved in performing this task. This can be especially true on small farms doing their own processing. And as a matter of fact, we have experienced some staffing changes recently that have affected our chicken processing operations. While we anticipate continuing to cut up as many chickens as possible, we likely will be cutting up fewer birds as we simply don’t have the same productivity that we used to have.

We are working to remedy this labor shortage so that we can continue to provide the convenience of chicken cuts long into the future, but in the coming weeks we will likely be leaving more birds whole in order to ensure that all of our other work can be completed on chicken processing days.

There are a couple points of good news in all this though. First, we have lots of boneless/skinless breasts in stock right now, so there’s no need to panic. We have even more leg quarters in stock and we offer them at a great price so be sure to check those out. We also have more chickens on pasture right now than we have ever had so we will be putting a lot of product in the freezer in the coming weeks.

The second point is that cutting up a chicken is not that hard once you practice on a few birds. Check out the video below to get started on learning how if you don’t already know.

Finally, check out the Product Spotlight segment below for a sale on Whole Chickens. Save even more by buying in bulk with our 8 Whole Broiler Bundle! It’s a great time to hone your skills in cutting up a chicken!

Product Spotlight

Our best price on Whole Chickens can be had with our 8 Whole Broiler Bundle found below. We are also running a sale on a la carte Whole Chickens as well! Save 40¢ per pound!

For our UPS Customers, we offer a bundle of 4 whole chickens!

For some of our recommended products, check out our Featured Product Page.  You might find something that you didn’t even know we had!

Columbia Delivery Day Changed to Thursdays

We wanted to announce that due to some staffing changes we are shifting Columbia Home Deliveries to Thursdays instead of Tuesdays each week going forward. This change will take effect next week so instead of Columbia deliveries occurring on Tuesday, July 19 they will occur on Thursday, July 21 and subsequent Thursdays going forward. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Our Columbia-area customer base has been growing lately, and we are very excited to be serving so many customers from Lake Murray to Lugoff and everywhere in between!

Thank you so much and we hope to see you soon!

Produce Boxes Available Now!

Our partnership with Wild Hope Farm continues this year as they are working hard to provide you with superior organic produce that can be delivered to your door right along with anything else that we deliver on our van. (Not available for UPS Shipping at this time.) In order to provide you with the freshest produce possible, we have implemented the deadlines below.

Produce Box Order Deadlines:




Head over to the product page below to order now.

Help us spread the word!

It’s now easier than ever to Give $15 and Get $15 through our Referral Program.  We don’t spend a lot of money of advertising, but rather we focus on producing products that people love and are willing to tell others about.  So we depend on word of mouth to find new customers and ultimately to heal more land.  

So in an effort to streamline this process we have made it easier to tell others (via email, Facebook, or Twitter) about Watson Farms.  And it’s all automated on the backend, so you don’t have to rely on us to issue the store credits manually.  Just head over to our Referrals Page and start sharing!

We re-use packaging!

We’ve seen a good response to our efforts in re-using packaging! Thanks and keep it up.  

You can help us reduce our carbon footprint by returning your CLEAN egg cartons and meat boxes. 

The main reason that we switched to plastic egg cartons a while back was because they are so much more durable than paper which could only be used once.  They also protect the eggs much better!

So if you have some egg cartons or boxes to return, you can just place them on your porch on your home delivery day.  Farm pickup customers can, of course, drop them off when you come to pick up your new order.  

***We can only re-use OUR cartons or boxes. Please re-use or recycle other boxes or egg cartons elsewhere.***

We redact your personal information found on your meat boxes when we re-use them, but feel free to redact to redact it yourself without damaging the box if you would like.  

Thanks for helping us re-use our packaging!

Order Deadlines and Store Hours

Charleston Area: 12 noon Mondays

UPS Orders: 12 noon Mondays

New Deadline: Columbia Area: 12 noon on Wednesdays

GSP: 12 noon on Wednesdays

Charlotte/Fort Mill/Rock Hill Areas: 12 noon Fridays

Farm Pickup: Please wait until you receive an email stating that your order is ready to be picked up (usually 1 business day from when you place your order).  Farm pickup is done during store hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 10am to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 2pm
Closed Sunday and Wednesday

Did you know that we have a webpage that displays all the reviews we have received?  

Check it out!

Check out this ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review:

“This place is Brilliant! The best, most fresh pastured meats delivered to your door! We tried a small amount of the pork and beef a couple of weeks ago. It was outstanding! Today I received 1/4 of an entire pig! Yum! 30-40 pounds of mixed cuts and sausage, bacon, ribs and butts. Met the owner and Sam the new driver. Friendly, on time, you can’t go wrong here folks!”

We would greatly appreciate it if you would be kind enough to leave us a review.  It helps first-time customers purchase with confidence.

Thanks again for being partners in this endeavor of local, pasture-raised proteins that has truly transformed our farm.  We look forward to continuing this transition while serving you long into the future.


The Watsons

Pasture Posts is written by Matt Watson.

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