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SAC – Day 1

We got an amazing amount of information from Greg Judy and others on this first day of the Sustainable Agriculture Conference in Greenville, SC.

We toured Greenbriar Farms in Easley, SC with Mr. Judy in between two learning sessions and a wonderful lunch.

As if grass-fed beef wasn’t already “outside-the-box” we were exposed to some different grazing methods that could cut costs while maintaining the quality of our beef.  So in the future we will be looking at how to implement mob grazing instead of just rotational grazing which can have major impacts on the quality of grass available to the cattle.

What won’t change is the quality of our products.  We are committed to providing our customers with the best tasting and lowest cost pastured meats available.

Below is the setting for the keynote speech this evening as we were getting settled in for a great presentation by Mark Shepard.  We are definitely looking forward to an even more informative day tomorrow.


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