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Splitting Service for Bulk Customers Now Available

We are now offering a new service for our bulk customers. If you order a half or whole animal then you have the option of us splitting it for you. We can either sort it by cuts to make it easier on you or we can split it between however many people you have going in on the half or whole (and then we would have a box of extras that would be the odd numbered items).

The pricing for this would be as follows:

Beef: Half – $25.00 or Whole – $50.00

Pork: Half – $15.00 or Whole – $30.00

If we have to split the animal more then 4 ways there may be an additional charge added depending on the number of boxes used.

This extra fee just helps us cover the cost of the boxes along with our time of sorting the meat out.

You do not have to use this service if you do not want to. We just want to offer an easier way for our customers to get the meat.

Thank you for your support of Watson Farms.