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Weekly Home Delivery for Greenville/Spartanburg area

We are pleased to announce that in February we will be launching a weekly Home Delivery service for 43 zip codes in the Greenville-Spartanburg area. Here’s some highlights of this new opportunity:

  • Home deliveries will occur each Thursday starting Feb. 11, 2021 unless otherwise announced.
  • Our current GSP-area pickup locations (Greenville, Travelers Rest, and Spartanburg) will be discontinued.
  • We will be serving 43 zip codes which cover all of our current GSP customers. If your shipping zip code matches one of these 43 zip codes as you checkout, then you will see the “GSP Home Delivery by Watson Farms (Thursdays)” option appear. Select this option and your order will be put on the van the following Tuesday for delivery to your doorstep.
  • The GSP-area zip codes that we service are:

29301, 29302, 29303, 29306, 29307, 29316, 29320, 29322, 29330, 29333, 29334, 29340, 29341, 29349, 29365, 29369, 29375, 29377, 29378, 29385, 29388, 29601, 29605, 29607, 29609, 29611, 29613, 29614, 29615, 29617, 29640, 29642, 29644, 29650, 29651, 29662, 29669, 29673, 29680, 29681, 29687, 29690, 29702

  • If you are unable to be at home when we deliver, you may leave an adequate-size cooler for us to leave your order in or provide other instructions.
  • You will receive a text message the day before the delivery as a reminder that a delivery to you has been planned with an ETA. You will also receive a text message when the delivery driver is within a half hour from your address. Finally, you will receive a text message when the driver marks your delivery as complete. Please make sure that you enter your mobile number accurately as you checkout.
  • We will deliver to the shipping address you provided in your account on our website. Please keep this up to date so that your deliveries are successful.
  • If you live in a gated community please provide us with the necessary information to get to your house.
  • Home Delivery is carried out by Watson Farms in a refrigerated vehicle. Therefore, your order will not be packed in insulated containers. All orders will be left at your doorstep on the delivery day unless you have made prior arrangements. Our delivery driver cannot wait until someone comes to the door at each house due to time constraints. 
  • The deadline to order is 12 noon the day preceding the delivery day.
  • Subscription Box customers choosing Home Delivery will receive their orders on the first delivery day after their payment has occurred.
  • The home delivery fee for retail orders is $12.95 per invoice. If you place multiple orders before a certain delivery day then we will waive additional delivery fees and combine the orders.
We do home deliveries in the van on the right most of the time.