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Oxtail is the culinary name for the tail of cattle, although, in the past it referred to an ox or steer. It’s crosscut sections are knobby in appearance and varies in size, from thick to thin. Oxtail may not be appealing in presentation but the taste far exceeds it’s looks. Oxtail has a deep, rich beef flavor. Braised oxtail has a taste similar to short ribs but has a silkier texture and is more tender.

Do you want a nutrient dense beef broth? The cartilage and marrow of the oxtail produces a nourishing stock that is thick and gelatinous, abundant in collagen, a liquid gold of sorts if you will. You may also wish to use a variety of bones for making broth/stock. Try using a mixture of oxtail and marrow bones for added flavor.

Be sure to click the recipe link “How to Make Bone Broth” for step by step instructions. There, you’ll also find info about the difference between broth and stock.