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Watson Farms produces high quality, pasture-raised meat and eggs for North Carolina residents to enjoy. Pastured chicken, grass-fed beef and pastured pork provide tasty options for people in and around the entire state, including major markets such as Wilmington, Charlotte and Asheville and everywhere in between.

As a family-owned business, we take pride in helping our customers fill their freezers with pastured proteins they know are the best quality available. Since 2007, customers have counted on us for healthy meats.

Buy Pastured Chickens and Eggs

Our pasture-raised chickens have access to fresh non-GMO feed that we mill here on the farm. We move them once a day so they can forage as much as they want and aren’t left around the previous day’s manure. They aren’t ever given antibiotics, hormones, or any kind of growth promotants.

We mill their GMO-free feed to ensure you’re getting premium chicken. You can buy whole chickens or choose from specific cuts, including fresh chicken wings, whole broilers, leg quarters, boneless/skinless chicken breasts and backs and necks. You can buy chicken bone broth, chicken feet and chicken pot pie. Chicken livers and hearts as well as pastured eggs are also available for our customers.

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Purchase Pastured Pork

Our pastured pigs are rotated through paddocks where they’re free to forage, wallow, and lay in the shade. They also receive a non-GMO feed ration that’s milled on the farm. You can enjoy rich, fresh pork when you order from Watson Farms. Not only do we offer pork in bulk, but you can also choose from special cuts and packages. Ground pork, bratwurst, a variety of sausage, bacon, fatback, liver, heart, kidneys and hearts are available. We also have roasts, filets, Boston butts, cutlets, chops and ribs.

To make it easier to fill your freezer with high-quality pork products, you can also purchase half a pig or a whole pig. You can choose from our Custom Bulk Options where you decide your cutting instructions, or to make it simpler, you can take advantage of our Standard Bulk Options, so you just have to decide how you want to enjoy the meats.

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Enjoy Grass-Fed Beef

Our cattle live an excellent life on our farm where they are rotated continuously to fresh paddocks throughout the year. When you get beef from us, you’re getting 100% grass-fed beef. They’re provided pastures filled with annual forages during the finishing process to help ensure that our customers are getting tasty protein.

You can opt to purchase a whole cow or only parts. We also offer individual cuts, including ground beef, chuck roast, ground beef patties, ribs, brisket, cubed steak, eye of round and arm roasts. Beef fat, stew meat, liver and soup bones are available. You can also enjoy a variety of steaks, including New York strip, rib eye, filet mignon and sirloin.

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Buy Grass-Fed Beef or Pastured Pork and Chicken Bundles

You can even choose from a variety of preset bundles to fill your freezer. Some of the more common options include:

Our sustainable farm means we can focus on providing each customer with quality service and tasty proteins. We’re ready to show you what a difference it makes when you know where your meats are coming from and have the peace of mind of knowing they are natural, pastured and healthy.

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