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Today’s Paddock (3-23-23)

This is a fun blog series where we show you exactly the paddock that our animals are enjoying on a particular day. All of our animals are raised in their natural environment and the common denominator among them all is PASTURE ROTATION! So take a look through these blog posts to see where the animals find themselves on a given day.

Our cattle herd is enjoying lots of premium pasture right now! They are grazing right in front of the layer chickens which you saw in Tuesday’s edition of Today’s Paddock. This prepares the grass for the chickens by taking from approximately 2 feet tall down to about 1 foot or less. The chickens can move around better in shorter grass and don’t tend to lay eggs as much in it, which makes daily gathering much easier. This is one of the many benefits of multi-species grazing. Take a look.

  • Size: 2.74 acres
  • Number of head: 115
  • Class of livestock: feeder and finisher cattle; cull cows
  • Type of grasses: rye, ryegrass, vetch, clover
  • Grazing duration: 24 hours
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