Fulfillment Process

  • You place your order (Confirmation email sent)
  • Order assembly
    • We weigh your cuts and compile them in your box.
    • Note that a la carte items are charged by the pound while many of our bundled products are charged a flat price. Either way we still record the weights of each cut in your order for our records and to ensure that you receive the expected amount of meat. Also, items such as eggs and milk are charged by the item not by the pound.
  • Payment capture – With your order assembled we know exactly what to charge you. We mark your order Processing and our system will charge you for an equal or lesser amount than you authorized.
    • The price of our a la carte items on our site is almost always more than you will actually get charged. The object here is for you to authorize a maximum charge from which we will capture the correct amount once we get weights for your items.
    • For example, let’s say you ordered a Beef Brisket. The amount you authorize as you checkout on our site would be $82.80. Very few of our briskets cost that much because very few of them weigh 8 pounds. Let’s say the brisket we pulled off the shelf for your order actually weighed 5.72 pounds. We would only capture $59.20 for your brisket ($10.35 x 5.72 lbs).

Home Delivery, Farm Pickup, and Pickup Location Customers

  • Ready for Pickup or Delivery (email sent) – Once we have charged you the correct amount your order is marked Ready for Pickup or Delivery. You will receive a second email when this occurs and it will contain more information about what to expect for each pickup or delivery option that we offer.
  • Then depending on your delivery/pickup option, we will plan to see you soon!

UPS Customers

  • The next email you should receive will be one with a tracking number for your UPS order. We ship out on Wednesdays and these emails usually go out at 5 pm the day we ship. Click here for more info about UPS orders.
  • We pack the orders with dry ice to keep the meat cold until you are able to unpack the order. (Please don’t delay retrieving your order any longer than necessary.)
  • Then just watch for the UPS truck and enjoy!