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10 Differences between Grocery Store Pork and Watson Farms Pastured-Raised Pork!

This is part of a multi-part blog series comparing the benefits of pasture-raised proteins from Watson Farms with the industrial food system counterparts.

Today we come to you with some truths explaining what goes on with industrial pork production and grocery store pork and how it is different from Watson Farms Pasture-Raised Pork!

This is how we believe hogs should be raised. ON GRASS. This is the life we choose for our hogs on our farm, but this is not how 90% of hogs in the U.S. are able to live.

Hogs raised on pasture are healthier and produce a better product that consumers are seeking. 

Here are 10 way s that our hogs live a different life than conventionally-raised hogs.

Ours: Mother pigs live and birth naturally and are never confined to crates.
Theirs: Mother pigs confined to crates for the entirety of adult life.

Ours: Raised in an outdoor immune-building environment.
Theirs: Raised in sterile environments promoting weak immune systems.

Ours: Strong immune systems that negate the need for medications. 
Theirs: Weak immune systems that require drugs and antibiotics for survival.

Ours: Allowed to grow naturally and accumulate healthy body fat.
Theirs: Fed drugs like Paylean to promote lean muscle growth.

Ours: Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air daily.
Theirs: Subjected to artificial lighting most of their life.

Ours: Raised in smaller groups outdoors.
Theirs: Raised in large building housing a few THOUSAND pigs at a time.

Ours: Natural breeding when they are ready.
Theirs: Planned artificial insemination in crates or gestation pens.

Ours: Time tested hardy Heritage genetics.
Theirs: Fragile hybridized industrial genetics.

Ours: Regenerative mindset: Happier – Slower – Better Health
Theirs: Industrial mindset: Fatter – Faster – Bigger – Cheaper

Ours: 200+ square feet of rotated pasture space per pig.
Theirs: 7.5 square feet of concrete floor space per pig.

To see some of the differences take a look at the photos below.

6 thoughts on “10 Differences between Grocery Store Pork and Watson Farms Pastured-Raised Pork!

  1. I am loving this series! Thank you Matt & Kelly!

  2. What a great series! How they are raised, the life they live and what they eat absolutely matters! So grateful for your farm!

  3. Thank you. I appreciate the work you do to bring food to our table.

  4. Watsons’ Thank you so much for doing what you do, the way you do it! Eating from your farm not only nourishes our bodies it soothes my soul knowing God’s creatures are cared for and respected.

  5. I am new customer and I encourage my fellow customers to encourage their friends and relatives to support Watson Farms, as well as the other local agriculture. Starve the Corporate Beast, eat local food the way the Father intended. Off to order my pork bundle

    1. Thanks Danny! We agree and we are glad you found us. We look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve you with local food!

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