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Beef Processing this week

Our first round of beef processing of the year will be this week.  Below you can see the group that we have been finishing for the last couple months.  These steers and heifers have been on high quality cereal rye which yields excellent gains and allows us to have beeves ready for slaughter in January as long as the weather cooperates.

We age our beef for 14 days so these won’t be ready for a while, but take a look at our calendar to see when our next delivery dates are for your area, and keep a check on our online store around the first or second week of February for some cuts to be in stock.

While it’s too late to reserve a bulk order out of this round, there will be more rounds of processing this spring that you can go ahead and reserve your half or whole beef from.  Check out our bulk orders page and mail a check for your deposit.  That deposit gets your name on our list.



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