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Beef Special and Bulk Order Reservations

First of all, we hope that you all have had a Merry Christmas.  It’s been a good year for us and we’re eagerly looking forward to next year.

Beef Specials

In making room for next month’s incoming meat, we are offering a special price on some cuts we have left:
NY Strip – $11.99/lb
Rib Eye – $13.99/lb
Sirloin – $8.99
Ribs – $2.99
Follow this link to order.

Bulk Beef Reservations

As we look forward to next year it is a great time to reserve your spot for either a half or a whole beef. We are hoping to be able to start processing for 2015 on Jan. 20th. As some of you know that can always change depending on what kind of weather we get. We have already had some people put down deposits for beef. If you are one of them, thanks.
If you are interested in either a half or whole beef please go ahead and get the deposit to us and your name on the list. It is a $100 deposit for a half and a $200 deposit for a whole.
We have had to change some things from how we used to do them. We will only be taking ONE deposit and ONE payment for the remaining balance. It was getting to be too much getting more than one payment for a half or whole. The order will be under the name of the person who sends in the deposit and that will be the person that pays the remaining balance. That will also be the person that we have contact with for cutting instructions. We will only be able to have ONE set of cutting instructions per order.
You can check out our bulk beef page on the website for more information. We have changed our prices mainly because of processor increases and increased demand at the sale barn. Here is a link to all that information. Please read it over carefully.
If you have any questions or would like to put a deposit down please email me.  Our mailing address is 713 Colony Road, Chester, SC 29706.
Again thank you for your support, and we hope to serve you this coming year.


Next Delivery Day

Our next delivery opportunity will be Thursday, January 8.  The times are 5:45pm for downtown Fort Mill and 6:30pm for downtown Rock Hill.  We will also be offering Home Delivery on this day.  Of course you can opt for Farm Pick-up at anytime.  Just select the option that works for you as you check out.


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