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Greenville Area Delivery Location Coming Soon

We are pleased to announce that we will be starting regular deliveries in the Greenville area – specifically near Simpsonville.  The first scheduled delivery will be on Tuesday, August 11 at 6pm.  Subsequent deliveries will be approximately every 6 weeks.

To take advantage of this delivery opportunity just go to to create your account and place your order.  As you checkout select Greenville-Simpsonville as your pickup location.  You will see the address of the location at this point.

The deadline to have orders in for this delivery is Monday, August 10 at 8pm.

In addition, we are currently offering a $20 discount to all new customers on their first order.  This discount will not show on our online store but will be added when we assemble and invoice your order.

We also offer a $10 credit to anyone who refers another customer to us.  So if someone referred you to us, just let us know in the comments section as you checkout.

We look forward to the opportunity of better serving existing and new customers in the Greenville-area and providing a reliable, local source of high-quality pastured meats.


2 thoughts on “Greenville Area Delivery Location Coming Soon

  1. I would like to know about upcoming deliveries.

    1. Thanks for your interest. On any of the pages of our website you can enter your email address in the space that says “Receive blog updates via email.” Then you will receive an email anytime we put out a blog update. You can also follow us on Facebook at

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