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We’re excited to announce that we have been able to source a limited number of pasture-raised turkeys for the 2023 Thanksgiving holiday!  Upgrade your Thanksgiving meal with a pastured, non-GMO bird that you can be proud to serve and you and your guests can eat with confidence.

These turkeys come frozen, so please confirm that your delivery date will allow you to receive your turkey in time to thaw for your Thanksgiving Day meal.

Price per pound: $9.99.
Weight range: 10 – 16lbs
Avg. weight: 13 lbs

Price is estimated according to the maximum weight.  You will only be charged for the actual weight of the turkey that your order contains.

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These birds live the best life a turkey can live with daily moves to fresh grass and lots of bugs and worms to hunt for. They are raised with the highest standards by Joe Koopsen’s team at Joe’s Farm, and are supplemented with non-GMO feed.   This daily move keeps the turkeys healthy and eating grass, legumes, forbs, bugs, worms and more.  That in turn makes tasty, nutrient-dense turkey that will be a delicious choice for your holiday dinner!



Q. When should I start defrosting my turkey to cook on Thanksgiving?

A. The size of your turkey and refrigerator will vary the defrost time. As a general rule, 4-6 days prior is a good time frame (shorter for small birds/longer for larger birds).