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What We’re About

Rest assured that our beef cattle never receive grain.

None of our animals receive any genetically modified organisms.

Unlike in the industry setting, all of our animals are rotated on pasture and are never confined.

Antibiotics are simply not needed as a general rule in a pasture setting.

When we honor the animals, they honor us in return by providing nutrient dense proteins that we can enjoy with peace of mind.

Our cattle are rotated every day or two to new pasture. This high-density rotation mimics nature and builds soil. They never receive grain, hormones, antibiotics. What they do receive is high-quality grass, plenty of fresh water, shade when needed, and the respect they deserve.

Our pigs are rotated through 1/4 acre paddocks where they have access to fresh grass, fresh water, shade and a natural, non-GMO grain ration. Pigs love to root for anything they can find in the ground. Confinement hogs never get this opportunity. It makes for happier pigs and pork that you can feel good about feeding your family.

Our laying hens are rotated every other day to fresh pasture from March to November. They forage for bugs and grass and have continuous access to fresh water, shelter, and a natural non-GMO feed ration. All of this makes for the richest eggs you will eat.

Our broiler chickens are rotated to a new spot of grass daily for the 5 weeks that they are on pasture. They love moving time because they get a fresh plate of grass filled with grasshoppers and crickets that they feast on in addition to their non-GMO grain ration. They also have constant access to fresh water. These pasture shelters provide refuge from wind, rain, and sun.

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