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Non-GMO Feed Project – Phases 1&2

As you may have seen from some earlier posts, we are working toward being able to mill our own non-GMO feed for our chickens and pigs.  The main reasons why we have not used non-GMO feed in the past is cost and logistics.  By milling our own we feel like we can get around both of these obstacles.  But if we’re going to mill our own feed then we need to be able to store the grains from which the feed is to be made.  So we decided to set up several bins that we had laying around.  The following are some pictures of that process.  We will now need to do some repairs to the bins then install the unloading augers.  Then we will be able to purchase non-GMO grains in bulk from local farmers we have agreements with.

Keep in mind all of our cattle are 100% non-GMO fed.  So if GMOs are a deal-breaker for you, our beef might be an excellent fit.

This is the forms for the concrete pad that the bins are sitting on.
This is the completed pad.
Bringing the second loader to help stand the first bin.
This is how we finished standing the bins. Notice the strap and come-along hooked to the front of the tractor.
The first bin anchored to the pad.
This is the point at which the biggest problem occurred: a burst hydraulic hose on the loader. Thankfully, the bin was stable at the time that the hose failed.
All three bins anchored and the site cleaned up.


Each bin holds 15 tons which will be plenty of storage for us.  Now on to repairs.