Chicken Back Bundle


Save money with this bundle of 10 packs of chicken backs from our premium, pasture-raised chickens. These are great for making rich, tasty, and healthy broth.  There are 2 backs per pack for a total of 20 backs. This bundle is about 20% off of the retail price.

Backs and Necks × 10

Our Backs and Necks are priced at $3.99/lb.

You can expect to receive up to 4.5 pounds per pack.

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This item is not UPS eligible – only Home Delivery and Farm Pickup options apply! Click HERE to see our Home Delivery map!

For your convenience, we have made a new addition to our bundle pages! There are now links to recipe suggestions for each cut of meat within your bundle. These are recipes that we thought looked amazing, or recipes that we have personally used and wanted to share! We hope that this will help make each meal time easier for you! If there are any tried and true recipes that you would like to share, please feel free to send those to us via email containing a link to a document or website to your suggestion. You just might see your name alongside your suggestion on our website!

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