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Grass-fed beef prices

As grass-fed beef gains popularity, more grocery stores are offering it in their meat departments.  We happened to be at one of these grocery stores the other day.

At the time I was there this particular store offered two fresh grass-fed ground beef options.  One was from a large farm in Georgia and came in at $7.99/lb.  While they did claim no antibiotics or hormones, I was surprised to see on the label that this farm allowed for natural grain supplementation when forages weren’t available.

The second option was from a natural meat aggregator which contracts with family farms for its supply of 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef.  Of course they claim no hormones or antibiotics as well.  One pound of this ground beef was $7.49/pound.

This company also supplies this grocery store with Rib Eyes and NY Strip steaks.  These were well-marbled and were probably around 8-10 ounces.  The price tag on them was $14.99.  A bit pricey to me.

While I realize that both of these suppliers offer a far superior product than anything that has had a primary ration of grain, I still feel like consumers can do better for themselves by purchasing their meats from more local sources.

Our beef for example is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.  We take it a step further and graze our finishing animals on even higher quality annual grasses to ensure superior taste and marbling.  At times, customers can come and see this process for themselves, which is more difficult to do when your supplier is hundreds of miles away.

But one of the biggest benefits we strive to offer our customers is a reasonable price.  We feel that our prices are consistently lower than other producers of significant volume.  One reason for this is that we offer our products directly to the consumer.

Head on over to our Online Store and see for yourself.  Farm pick-up is available anytime, and we make deliveries every month to six weeks depending on your location.